Alan Howe

Overseeing His Herd

Buffalo overseeing his herd

Yellowstone Bison and Calf

Mother Bison and calf shortly after dawn in East Yellowstone

Joshua Tree Sunset

A dramatic Joshua Tree sunset

Roman Sunset

Territorial Dispute

Bombay Hook, DE

Dragonfly Brunch

A little dragonfly brunch drama at the Manasquan Reservoir, NJ

The Magnificent Mule

A nobie mule taken in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Moon and Osprey

Bombay Hook, DE


Bombay Hook, DE


Bombay Hook, DE

Solitary Tree

Observing the Observatory

The Griffith Observatory late in the day, 2013

Comin' Round the Bend

Three mule team drawing a work cart near East Earl, Pennsylvania

Those Kids Today

The changing face of Pemmsylvania Dutch country

Abandoned Piano

A weathered piano abandoned outside near Intercourse, PA

A Twist in the Road

Taken on a brisk Fall morning in Lancaster County Pennsylvania

A Horse is a Horse...

Reninded me of the old "Mr Ed" television. Wilbuuuuur...

Fall Foliage Layer Cake

Fall foliage in Towamencin, PA. The trees appear to form a "layer cake" of color


Early morning in Yellowstone as mist rises

Yellowstone Golden Dawn

Mist shrouded dawn ay Yellowstone National Park

Morning in Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda 2014

A small cove off Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda in October, 2014

Sunrise in Curacao

A gorgeous Curacao sunrise

Gettin' The Mail

Mailboxes in rural South Dakota

Alone in the Desert

A peaceful landscape in one of my favorite places, White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

Badlands 2015

Overlook in Badlands National Park

Inside Passages 02

Low lying clous lifting in the AM

Inside Passages 03

Low lying clouds lifting in the AM

Sawyer Glacier 01

Sawyer Glacier, Alaska. Taken in 2008

Broken Home

Salton Sea, CA Bombay Beach

Salton Sea 46

Salton Sea, CA Bombay Beach


Anything for art


The Irrepressible Howie B. Two years old

Bowl in sink

It's not going to get clean by itself...

Inside Passage

Blue hour landscape, almost monochrome

EMP, Seattle 03

EMP complex in Seattle, Washington

EMP, Seattle 02

EMP complex in Seattle, Washington

EMP, Seattle 01

EMP complex in Seattle, Washington

Colosseum Textures

Wall textures in Colosseum underground

Chapel nestled between two buildings, Rome

On way to another site, I just noticed this outside chapel nestled between two buildings. Fresh flowers

Detail at St Peter's Basilica

Ceiling detail at St Peter's Basilica, Rome, Italy

St Peter's Basilica Dome

Detail of the dome at Saint Peter's Basilica, Vatican

Origin of the Wet Willie? Pantheon

I could be wrong, but this appears to depict the origin of the "wet willie." Or not.... ;) Statuary inside the Pantheon, Rome, Italy

Angel Bird

Bird gracing Angel statue on Sant'Angelo bridge

Tiber fron Sant'Angelo Bridge

Tiber River from Sant'Angelo Bridge. Rome, Italy

Walt Disney Concert Hall 26

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA

Walt Disney Concert Hall 13

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA

Hemisfèric I

Hemisfèric at the City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain

A quick dip

Candy Shop, Valencia, Spain

A well stocked sweet shop in Valencia, Spain

Gone for a Ride

Ride at local fair Hitchcock meets Rockwell

The Stairway

City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain

Greetings from Barkeyville

Greetings from Barkeyville

Howie Pensive

The Irrepressible Howie

Howie Guards the Yard- Sort Of

Howie guarding the yard against marauding butterflies

Blue Corner Detail

Corner detail of a blue-painted coral home in Bermuda

Desert Beauty

Dominica a

Dawn-ish in Yellowstone

Boiling Terraces

Geyser and boiling terraces in Yellowstone National Park taken just before sunrise

Last Shot of the Day

Saw this in my rearview mirror when heading back to the motel. A fitting last shot for the day

Morning in Canyonlands

Morning in Moab

Morning scene in the high desert near Moab, Utah

Storm Light, Chacchoben

My faorite light, beaming sun against dark storm clouds

It's Time For...

Clock found in an abandoned farm in PA Amish country

Metzlers One Room Schoolhouse

The beautiful simplicity of the Metxlers one room schoolhouse near Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania

Ram Tough

Happened upon this truck graveyard on a South Dakota back road

South Dakota Sky

There is a stylized concrete teepee at a rest stop in South Dakota that just grabbed my eye


Vista, Pinnacles in the Black Hills of South Dakota

Road to Somewhere

Vista in Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Desolate Street, Sort Of

This desolate street scene is really on the back lot of Paramount Studios, LA

Seal Siesta, Alaska

Jason Ricci 002

Blue performer Jason Ricci, 2010

"Planet" Sculpture by Marc Quinn

Marc Quinn's sculpture when displayed in Monte Carlo, 2012

Keb Mo, 2010

Minimal 07

Detail of stairway in Bermuda

Minimal 06

Minimal 005

Detail of an old shed

2012-07-25 09.15.jpg

The beam of the Pantheon

Floral 02

Orchids #1


The Green Door

Doorway to a local winery


Roadside mules in Blue Ball, PA

The Crack of Dawn

Dawn seascape through a hole in the rocks

Dante's Inferno meets Waterworld

A lush waterfall in Dominica. It has this wonderful eerie vibe, like Date's "Inferno" meets Waterworld


Caught my eye at a friend's party


Who is Doug? Why did Doug leave? Where is Doug now? Is Doug OK? Is Doug on Facebook? Sony a6000 converted to 720nm infrared

Sunrise at Trenton Bridge

Sunrise near Trenton, Maine

Return of Doug

Returning to Doug. Who is Doug? Why did Doug leave? Is Doug OK? Is Doug alive?

Bar Harbor Sunrise

Shorlty before sunrise in Bar Harbor, Maine

Morning Geese

Valencia apartment

The color palette is what grabbed me first about the scene


Early morning scene in Yellowstone

Nuzzling Bison

A tender moment between two American bison on a foggy July morning.

Golden Arch

Arches National Park, Utah


One World Trade Center defiantly rising over Manhattan,

The Oculus

The White Rose

A white rose placed at the 9/11 Memorial, NYC

The Solitary Flag

A solitary miniature flag placed at the 9/11 Memorial, NYC


Doug. Who is Doug? What Happened to Doug? I wonder if I can find Doug on Facebook?

White on White

Skimmers and a Confused Tern

Cormorant In Flight

Guardians of the Marsh

The Magnificent Blue